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June 09 2010

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Clei Space Saving furniture from Resource Furniture. SUPERAWESOME!
I won't be surprised if we see them as a next James Bond's gadgets.
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May 14 2010

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The Google Job Experiment

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Typo mustache

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May 13 2010

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Uśmieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech! ;-)
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December 11 2007


Unhappy? Self-Critical? Maybe You’re Just a Perfectionist

"...Yet several recent studies stand as a warning against taking the platitudes of achievement too seriously. The new research focuses on a familiar type, perfectionists, who panic or blow a fuse when things don’t turn out just so. The findings not only confirm that such purists are often at risk for mental distress — as Freud, Alfred Adler and countless exasperated parents have long predicted — but also suggest that perfectionism is a valuable lens through which to understand a variety of seemingly unrelated mental difficulties, from depression to compulsive behavior to addiction..."
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December 04 2007

Why, if only the idea was big enough, nothing else mattered.
— Ernie Schenck - "I miss Geppetto"

December 02 2007

"If you have done everything right, you will be eating well, sleeping indoors and having lots of sex with people who not only respect you for your genius and talent, but also respect you for your incredible wealth and fame.

You are now an artist. Keep making art."
— Começa por dizer "how to make art" e acaba com esta frase maravilhosamente ignorante!

November 27 2007



Os telejornais portugueses não são mais que televonelas mexicanas com actores ainda piores e mais mal pagos: nós os tristes portugueses!

November 26 2007

I fuck with some Otis Redding every now and then. "Sittin' on the dock of the bay, wastin' time". Most cats have no idea where that's coming from.
— Not my words...

November 19 2007


God... i have a question... do you like girls?

GOD rules.   Ask me anything.   Girls are very nice.

November 17 2007


Nelson Balaban JR.

He's young... He's talented.. and I need a mirror!

November 14 2007


O Bom, o Mau e o Vendedor...

Há uma história célebre sobre um bom vendedor: Conseguir vender um frigorifico a um esquimó para se aquecer.

É notável alguém que consiga tal proeza. Infelizmente é treta. Aqui está uma história verdadeira que escolhi por ser mais curta que todas as outras que surgiram numa conversa de remembers:

Um gajo bêbado pergunta a um outro se tem cigarros. O Outro responde que só fuma ocasionalmente. Como o primeiro bêbado não tem dinheiro pergunta ao outro se não quer comprar um maço e dar-lhe um cigarro.

Epílogo: O Outro compra um maço e o primeiro bêbado sai do recinto com um maço enquanto o Outro apenas com um cigarro.

P.S. O Primeiro bêbado ainda cravou lume ao Outro....

November 13 2007


Carl Orff - Gassenhauer


It's not about the whisky... it's about the sweet sound of the flavour..


Sou reles.

Não hesitarei em atirar-te com um paralelo à tromba.

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Almost... Almost...

Something is missing... One year, One Discipline, one hour of class every one week and one train ticket! But still... something is missing! I think it's a professor...
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